Leadership Team – Kelly Ufi

Meet Kelly Ufi — Faith Development Administrative Assistant

Serving St. John Nepomucene since 2021


Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from Madison Business College

Prior experience

Teacher, legal secretary, paralegal, 911 dispatcher, District Attorney’s office manager, projects manager, procurement manager in consumer products industry, city transit system bus driver.


God literally led me across the world to find my perfect match. My amazing husband, Haini, and I met on a small island in the South Pacific called Tonga when I was teaching there at a Women’s Business College with the Peace Corps. We recently celebrated 35 years of marriage and he will always be my best friend, fierce supporter, secret keeper, and voice of reason when I need it. We were gifted 4 beautiful children (Lucas, Sarina, Dominic, Peyton), a daughter-in-law (Lavi), son-in-law (Tommy) and so far 3 perfect grandchildren (Ofa, Israel, Violet).


Family time is the best, lots of laughter during our self-proclaimed “card club” with my parents (Giz and Judy Geerts who are beautiful examples of our Catholic faith), and some of my siblings. Haini and I enjoy sharing movies and spending time with our 3 grandbabies who make us laugh and teach us something every day we’re together.