School Staff – Elizabeth Tulachka

Meet Elizabeth Tulachka — 2nd Grade Teacher

Why I love St. John School?

Even though I’m new to St. John School, I feel completely at home and welcomed by the community. Everybody is so lovely and it feels like a family, a warm place to belong. I’m also excited to get to teach while incorporating the Catholic faith. Being able to teach and share such a glorious faith with a new generation is such a blessing!

My favorite part of teaching?

I enjoy getting to interact and learn about the students! Building relationships and having conversations with them is by far my favorite part of teaching. I want to make them feel heard and that they all have something unique to add to the community.

What I like to do outside of school?

Spending time with friends and family will always rank top for this kind of question. Also, I’ve always loved doing all kinds of crafts, going for walks, biking, and being involved in the community.

My education

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from UW-Green Bay.