School Staff – Lee Vanevenhoven

Meet Lee Vanevenhoven — Mathematics

Why I love St. John School?

I love St. Johns because I get to freely talk about God and my faith with my students.  He allows us to take a tiny look at how perfect and planned our life is, our universe is, and his creations are.  I get to assign things to God openly and encourage kids to become examples in Christ.  These blessings are invaluable.

My favorite part of teaching?

When kids do things today, that yesterday they never thought they would do.  I love when kids surprise themselves!

What I like to do outside of school?

I’m in a rock band!  I love to play guitar and sing, but I also love to be outside in nature: gardening, camping, fishing, golfing.

My education

I graduated from Lawrence University, having majored in both physics and philosophy.

My professional training

Fully trained in the College Preparatory Math (CPM) curriculum, with ongoing professional development in math curriculum.