Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we organize and facilitate programs and special events which support a lifelong learning and continued growth of our beautiful Catholic faith. We believe that as Catholic adults, we need to be intentional in our connections to our fellow parishioners and also our community at large, so that we may pass along our excitement of God’s love!  

Are you wishing to become involved with helping parish adults deepen their faith? Then please come and join our Adult Faith Formation Committee! We are seeking 10 new members to share and deepen our faith in prayer, education and fun fellowship opportunities! If you are interested, please contact Sarah in the parish office at (920) 788-9061 or via email at:


  • Lenten Parish Mission
  • Organize Tuesday mornings events during Lent and Advent
  • Organize Spring & Fall Coffee events
  • Organize weekly bible studies
  • Create the quarterly parish newsletter 
  • Host/Facilitate an Alpha course
  • Organize a parish booth at the St. John Craft Fair
  • Manage the Parish Library
  • Distribute books to our parishioners
  • Manage outdoor church banners

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the parish library (located in the Gathering Space behind the Coffee Bar), and we welcome new members. Please call the parish office at (920) 788-9061 for more information.