January Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

January Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

The Fathers of the Church

If you aren’t familiar with the early Church Fathers, you may want to do some research on their inspiring lives. The Church Fathers were influential theologians, bishops or scholars whose writings explained key Scriptural principles in the early Church. They were not all ordained, and not all of them became saints.

But they had powerful communication skills, personal holiness and doctrinal orthodoxy, so we honor them unofficially as “fathers” for their proximity to the Apostles, their explanations of how to understand and apply Scripture, and their ability to teach the Catholic faith.

Studying the early Church Fathers has deepened the faith lives of many, even to the point of convincing non-Catholics to become Catholic. 

Thank you from the St. John Mission Club!

Thank you from the St. John Mission Club!

The St. John Nepomucene Mission Club would like to thank everyone who helped load items on Friday, December 17th and to Cliff Verstegen for letting us use his truck and trailer for delivery.

A third of the items went to St Vincent de Paul, Green Bay East. The rest went to the Community Clothes Closet in Menasha. We were able to help many people with the Mission Club drop box donations. Thank you everyone!

The St. John Mission Club will reopen on Wednesday, January 12th.

Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation – Prepare with purple. Celebrate with white.

Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation – Prepare with purple. Celebrate with white.

Our first season of the new church year is Advent. Advent is NOT Christmas, even though it feels like it in the stores. Advent is a season of preparation for Christmas and it means Coming. Christmas is coming, so we prepare our hearts, our minds and our homes. The liturgical color of Advent, purple, is highly visible in clergy vestments and decorations because it is the color of fasting and penance. With candles, more lit every week, we recognize that Christ is the light shining forth in the darkness. The readings for the Advent Season prepare us for the holy birth of our blessed Savior.

The next liturgical season is the Christmas Season. Christmas begins, not ends, on December 25th and lasts through Epiphany which is on January 6th. This season is a joyful season, a season of celebration! We take down the purple decorations and vestments and clergy will wear white, the color of celebration.

So let’s plan this year to keep that tree up until January 6th and continue celebrating Christmas as it should be! A blessed Advent Season to all as you continue to prepare.

St. John Nepomucene Christmas Flower Fund

St. John Nepomucene Christmas Flower Fund

Each year at this time, St. John Nepomucene welcomes donations to the Christmas Flower Fund in memory of departed loved ones. Donations in any amount may be made at the parish office from now until December 13th. There will also be envelopes at the Information Desk too.

This not only enables us to decorate St. John Nepomucene during Christmas, but throughout the whole year!

Advent Adventures was a fun-filled day!

Advent Adventures was a fun-filled day!

Thank you to everyone who came and shared in the Advent Adventures that was held at St. John Nepomucene on November 21st! It was a great way for families to start preparing for Advent that is occurring this weekend.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible as well! It was such a great day with a lot of fun, smiles and celebration!