Updates from the Diocese of Green Bay

This week (as of May 25, 2021), the Diocese of Green Bay came out with updated guidance on the celebration of the Mass in response to the continuing improvement in both the vaccination numbers and the number of new Covid cases.

Starting the weekend of June 5th and June 6th, we will be removing the requirement to wear masks and be socially distanced during Mass.

Anyone who for whatever reason wishes to continue to wear a mask may do so at their discretion. Also, we will have an area of the church where masks and social distancing will still be required for those who are more comfortable with the existing guidelines. This area will be in the left front half of the old section of the church.

Additional changes you will see include holy water in the fonts, collection baskets being passed and the sign of peace will be reinstated.

Thank you for your patience over these past 14-months and we ask that you continue to be respectful of everyone’s manner of worship.