Mother & Daughter Retreats – Elizabeth Ministry

Elizabeth Ministry International, Zechariah House of Healing is very excited to offer several upcoming Mother Daughter Retreats at our new Headquarter Retreat and Resource Center in Kaukauna. This is an amazing way to strengthen this beautiful relationship with a fun and faith-filled experience. 

Elizabeth Ministry offers these special retreats as one way to encourage Mothers and Daughters to invest their time, energy and focus on their relationship by creating a meaningful connection and making special memories.

Retreats are customized for each age group and are reasonably priced at $50 per Mother & Daughter team, which includes lodging, snacks, breakfast, lunch, crafts, materials, and keepsakes!

The retreat dates are below:
June 25th – 26th for grades 3rd and 4th
June 26th – 27th for grades 5th and 6th
July 23rd – 24th for Middle School
July 24th – 25th for High School

This year we will be offering the opportunity to either stay over night or go home. Because our new center is smaller, we will only be able to host 5 Mother Daughter teams overnight. First come, first serve!

For more information, please email, you may call at: 920-766-9380 or view our website at