March Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

March Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

Spending Lent with the saints is a great way to grow in holiness. While most of us do not have million-dollar fortunes to give away, we can be more generous with what we have toward those who have less. While few of us will have ecstatic visions in prayer, we can commit to spending more time in silence with God. While likely none of us could subsist on only one meal a week, all of us can recognize luxuries and extras that we can do without.

By putting aside these things, we will find we have more room in our hearts for the one thing necessary: God’s grace.  Source:

Note: Bishop Robert Morneau, for many years, had a favorite book on saints called All Saints: Daily Reflections on Saints, Prophets, and Witnesses for Our Time by Robert Ellsberg. It’s a great one! You can even find this book used at a low cost on Amazon.