June Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

June Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

Pope Francis, in his Pentecost Sunday homily, provided  powerful examples of how to recognize the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit will never tell you that on your journey everything is going just fine.  No, he corrects you; he makes you weep for your sins; he pushes you to change, to fight against your lies and deceptions, even when that calls for hard work, interior struggle and sacrifice.

The evil spirit pushes you to always do what you think and what you find pleasing. He makes you think that you have the right to use your freedom any way you want. Then, once you are left feeling empty inside – it is bad, this feeling of emptiness inside, many of us have felt it – and when you are left feeling empty inside, he blames you, becomes the accuser, and throws you down, destroys you.”

Let us keep these words in our hearts and minds as we continue to make important choices in our daily lives. Come, Holy Spirit! Fill us with joy and peace.

April Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

April Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

The Beauty of the Paschal Mystery
Let’s take a look at the word Paschal. It comes from the Hebrew word PASACH which means to PASS OVER. This refers to the first Passover when the Lord passed over the homes of the Israelites while striking down the firstborn of Egypt. In that case, the Israelites smeared the blood of a lamb on their doorposts to signify their belief in the one true God. The sacrificing of an innocent lamb became the means of their salvation and their deliverance from captivity in Egypt. In the same way, God sent His Son to be our paschal lamb. The essence of our faith is this: that Jesus came to die for us, to free us from sin, and so that we might have a new and eternal life.

Source: www.catechistaide.com

During these last days of Lent, let us set aside time to learn all we can about this Paschal Mystery. We hope you will take part in all three days of the Easter Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. 

Divine Evidence at Xavier Fine Arts Theater,  Monday, April 11th and Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Divine Evidence at Xavier Fine Arts Theater,  Monday, April 11th and Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A unique opportunity to hear, see and feel evidence of miracles and events connected to Jesus’ passion and his Real Presence in the Eucharist will be the focus of two Holy Week presentations at Xavier High School.

The public is invited to “Divine Evidence” on Monday and Tuesday, April 11th and 12th at 7 p.m. at Xavier’s Fine Arts Theatre, 1600 W. Prospect Ave. Eucharistic Miracles will be the topic on the first night, followed on the second night by the presentation The Sacred Cloths of the Passion.  Each talk will be complemented by a large exhibit viewable in the school gym two hours before and one hour after the presentation.

Richard Bernatchez of Denver, co-founder of Faith Based Communications, will speak each night and will present five relics for veneration, including slivers of the True Cross and threads from the Shroud of Turin, believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus. He will also display replicas of the sacred cloths and numerous items related to the Passion such as the crown of thorns and whip. The display on miracles will feature much of the Vatican’s International Exhibition of Eucharistic Miracles of the World. “We have selected for exhibition approximately half of the 137 Eucharistic miracles approved by the Church,” Bernatchez said. A retired engineer, Bernatchez now dedicates his life to researching and sharing miracles and relics. He and his wife, Pat, travel throughout the United States and Canada presenting the sacred exhibits at their own expense to churches, schools and interested Christian groups. “We discuss the True Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, explore various Eucharistic Miracles, and encourage participation in Eucharistic Adoration,” he said. “The specific miracles we discuss depend on the age of the audience. For the younger children, we focus on miracles involving children or animals. With the older children, we get into miracles where the Host changes into heart tissue, as well as the scientific study that goes into the verification process.” 

Showcasing evidence of the Eucharist’s miraculous nature could not come at a better time, said Susan Littmann, one of the event organizers. “In light of the bishops’ call for a three-year Eucharistic revival starting on the feast of Corpus Christi in June, we feel the Holy Spirit‘s hand guided us to this.” She added that the event was rescheduled from April 2020 when it was canceled due to the Covid shutdown.

Plans for the nation-wide revival effort, outlined at the bishops’ USCCB gathering last November, will include Eucharistic processions and other events of adoration and prayer around the country. “Their hope is to increase Catholic belief in the Eucharist as Jesus’ actual body and blood,” Littmann noted. “What better way to do this than to explore centuries of Eucharistic miracles documented by the Vatican.”  

Regarding the sacred cloths, Bernatchez said he believes the Shroud of Turin contains evidence of all that Jesus endured – the proof of his passion, death and resurrection. The exhibit also contains replicas of the Sudarium of Oviedo (a piece of linen thought to have been used to cover the head of Jesus immediately after the crucifixion) and the Tunic of Argenteuil (Jesus’ seamless garment).

The event is free and sponsored by the CIA-Faith Mission Operatives, a volunteer lay ministry recognized by the Diocese of Green Bay. More information is available by contacting event organizers at ciafmo@gmail.com or (920) 450-3025. Details of the presentations and exhibits can be found online at www.faithbasedcomm.com.


SPIRITUS Missionary Opportunity!

SPIRITUS Missionary Opportunity!

Do you know a young adult who lives out their faith and is eager to share it with others?

SPIRITUS is looking for Catholic young adults, between 20-29, to join the SPIRITUS missionary team this August. SPIRITUS ignites the faith in thousands of young Catholics through retreats and parish youth ministry each year! Missionaries live in community and travel to parishes and schools throughout Wisconsin; receiving training, formation, spiritual direction, lodging, food, a monthly allowance, health insurance and a $3,000 stipend upon completion of the 9-month program. It is a unique opportunity to live out the mission of our Catholic faith, serve our Lord and help the next generation of Catholics grow in faith.

For more info visit: https://www.spiritusministries.org/beamissionary

To apply click HERE

For questions/comments contact Sarah at: recruiter@spiritusministries.org

Or give us a call at: (920) 722-8918 x7 !

CIA-Faith Mission Operatives invites you to Investigate Your Faith on March 21st!

CIA-Faith Mission Operatives  invites you to Investigate Your Faith on March 21st!

We are very pleased to announce we will be hosting a presentation by Dale Ahlquist, President of the Society of G.K. Chesterton at Xavier Fine Arts Theater,  Monday, March 21, 2022 at 7pm.

 This Society’s mission is to evangelize through education, inspiring people to live joyful, holy lives, with G.K. Chesterton as a model of lay spirituality.