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UPDATE: Kohl’s is ending their policy of letting you pay your credit card bills with Scrip gift cards. The Kohls cards are currently not available to order online, so if you already have some of these, you will be able to use them for credit card payments until June 26th. We do have a very limited number of cards in stock. Once those are gone, the new cards will not be able to be used for paying your bill. Unfortunately, we were not forewarned so we could not stock up. 


SCRIP is simply gift cards that you purchase from the church and use at…

  • National retailers like Amazon, Kwik Trip, Target and Walmart
  • Locally owned businesses such as Festival, Piggly Wiggly and Woodmans

By using SCRIP gift cards for everyday purchases like gas and groceries, as well as things like dining out, clothing, home improvement and movies, you can see the savings add up quickly. Learn more here!


When you purchase SCRIP…

  • 50% of the rebate will be distributed to St. John’s
  • 50% can go toward your SJS tuition, religious education fees or other youth event fees.

If you do not have a student who needs tuition funding, you can designate another family or the church to receive the rebate. The more you purchase, the more money you will save on your tuition/fees! See the videos below for details on how SCRIP benefits you, our church and our school.


Set up an account at RaiseRight or download the RaiseRight app to do all your ordering online. Email to start the account set up process online. An email will be sent to you with the enrollment code and a link to create your account. Watch the video below or click here for a step by step guide. **Please note in 2023, the fee to pay via Bank Account was raised from $0.15 as shown in the video to $0.29 per transaction.**



For those of you who do not have students at St. John Nepomucene School or in the Faith Development program; you can still help a friend or family member (or both!) by having scrip gift card earnings from your account go toward their expenses.  Or you can simply buy scrip gift cards to support the school or parish as well!

Simply contact us, and we will make that update for you in our system.  

During the holiday season months of November and December, the scrip program becomes very popular! But don’t wait! Many local and even some favorite national stores are considered a Special Order. We place these physical card orders on Mondays, but they can take 2-5 days to arrive at the church office, (you’ll receive a call or email when your order comes in) so don’t delay in placing your order with us.


Check out the Shop Page on RaiseRight for the latest bonuses, promotions and giveaways.

Shop With Scrip is now offering gift cards from over 250 brands to be delivered to your door! It’s contactless, convenient, has an increased impact and allows for easy gifting. Learn more here!

Click here for the Spring 2023 Gift Guide Flip Book!