Tuition & Assistance

Tuition Assistance, Scholarships & Financial Aid

Can you afford this?  Yes, you can! 

Your child’s education is an important decision for your family. St. John School will support any family that commits to us.  Our goal is to ensure that no child is denied a Catholic school education due to financial constraints. 

2023-2024 Tuition Rates


ClassTuitionTuition ReliefNet Tuition Cost
PreK-4 MWF Full Day$1,987$0$1,987
PreK-4 Five Day AM$1,657$0$1,657
PreK-4 Five Day Full Day$3,315$0$3,315

Kindergarten – 8th Grade:

ClassTuitionTuition ReliefNet Tuition Cost
1st Child$3,315-$350$2,965
2nd Child$3,190-$350$2,840
3rd Child$3,065-$350$2,715
4th Child$2,940-$350$2,590
Tuition amount represents a 4.6% increase based on the cost increase to the school operating budget, primarily with salaries and health insurance costs. The total cost of education per child is anticipated to be $8,950.

Explore the options below to decrease tuition:

Tuition-Free Voucher Through the WI Choice Program for Grades 4K-8

Click here for more information or visit the Wisconsin DPI site for details and to complete an application. This separate application is required to be submitted to the state by the third Thursday in April. Late applications are not accepted!

Tuition Scholarships for Grades K-8

Visit FACTS by May 1, to create an account and complete an application. No fee is required.  Scholarships will be awarded and families will be notified in June.

Tuition Relief for Grades K-8

Wisconsin state law allows parents to deduct private school tuition on their taxes with up to $4,000 per student in grades K-8 and up to $10,000 per high school student. Learn more about the tuition tax deduction here. Click here to access the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Schedule PS form.

Employment at St. Johns

Full-time employees of the St. John Nepomucene Catholic Community receive a 50% discount and part-time employees are eligible for a pro-rated discount. Visit our Employment Opportunities page to learn what positions are available.

SCRIP Gift Card Fundraising

Earn money toward your child’s tuition while you shop. When you purchase Scrip, 50% of the rebate will be applied toward tuition. Learn more.

Raffle Calendar

The Raffle Calendar credit can be applied toward tuition, 8th grade fees and Catholic Heart Work Camp. Profits are based on sales each year.  In the past, families earned $8-$10 per calendar sold. Each calendar costs $20, and you have 365 chances to win up to $1000. Information is sent to parents in November and all money must be returned by Dec. 31.

529 Savings Plan or a Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)

These programs provide families the opportunity to save tax-free for tuition.

Early-pay discount of 2% if tuition is paid in full in August!

Referral program for current SJS families: