Safe Environment

Safe Environment

COVID Updates for Church

COVID Updates for School

Here at St. John Nepomucene Catholic Community you are welcomed into a safe environment.  The Diocese of Green Bay pledges its commitment to programs and policies that:

  1. Protect all children, youth, and individuals at risk
  2. Heal the hearts and hopes of all affected
  3. Foster ongoing vigilance in education

All volunteers, parish and school staff are required to complete an electronic application that generates a background check and they must attend a VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children Workshop (in-person or online) prior to beginning their ministry. Lastly is to sign the Agreement Form for Volunteers per the Diocese of Green Bay. 

1. To learn more, sign-up for a VIRTUS session or complete it online, click here to visit their website.

2. To complete a background check, click here to begin the process.

3. Click here to sign the Agreement Form for Volunteers per the Diocese of Green Bay. This can then be mailed to the parish office or emailed to Sarah at

If you have any questions in regards to the three steps above, please contact the parish office at (920) 788-9061 and ask for Sarah or send an email to

Complete safe environment details are available here.

To report a concern or incident, please file a report through Awareity or by clicking on the green butterfly below.