Safe Environment

Safe Environment

Here at St. John Nepomucene Catholic Community you are welcomed into a safe environment.  The Diocese of Green Bay pledges its commitment to programs and policies that:

  1. Protect all children, youth and individuals at risk
  2. Heal the hearts and hopes of all affected
  3. Foster ongoing vigilance in education

The Diocese of Green Bay requires all employees regardless of role, job title or hours worked, must meet safe environment requirements of a completed and approved background check, safe environment training and signing a Code of Conduct.  All volunteers that will minister to children or individuals at risk must meet safe environment requirements of a completed and approved background check, safe environment training and signing a Code of Conduct.  The Diocese of Green Bay is contracted with VIRTUS to comply with the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth requirements in providing safe environments for all children and individuals at risk. 

As such, ALL volunteers and employees at St. John Nepomucene Parish, School and Faith Development are required to complete an electronic application that generates a background check and they must complete the training for VIRTUS – Protecting God’s Children Workshop (online) prior to beginning their ministry. The Code of Conduct will be signed electronically.

**** All employees and volunteers (through their VIRTUS account) are required EVERY year to electronically sign the Code of Conduct and watch a 30-minute training video. ****

Some items to know BEFORE you start your registration in VIRTUS:

1. Read through the instructions first (click here). The Background Check information will be found on page four.

2. This must be done on a computer as it will NOT work on a cell phone. When watching the online Safe Environment Training “Protecting God’s Children Online Awareness Session”, do NOT advance the program. The program MUST proceed on its own to the end and then it will show you as complete.

3. When you begin, you will need to provide the following:

* You will need to create a User ID and password.
* Your Diocese to select is: Green Bay, WI (Diocese).
* Your Location to select is either: St John Nepomucene Parish (Little Chute) or St John
Nepomucene School (Little Chute) or St John Nepomucene Faith Development (Little
Chute). ** Select the site that you will be employed or volunteering for. **
* You MUST enter your LEGAL name as shown on your Driver’s License or Social
Security card.
* You must provide your date-of-birth.
* You must provide a LEGAL Social Security number.
* For the background check, you MUST provide the required references. They CANNOT
be family members.
* Follow ALL of the steps through the registration process.

To begin your VIRTUS / Background check, please follow these steps below:

1. The VIRTUS Online Registration Instructions can be found on the Diocese of Green Bay’s website by clicking here.

2. You may also click this link to go directly to VIRTUS to setup your account or to log-in to your account if you have one established.

2. To complete a background check, click here to begin the process.

If you have any questions in regards to the three steps above, please contact the parish office at (920) 788-9061 and ask for Sarah or send an email to

Complete safe environment details are available here.

To report a concern or incident, please file a report through Awareity or by clicking on the green butterfly below.