July Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

July Explanation Station from St. John Adult Faith Formation

Our Amazing Catholic Faith

Catholics are prone to accept dogma, doctrines, and Tradition not because we understand them but out of habit ingrained in us as children. We became familiar with the phrases we learned and, since we were raised in the faith, we accepted the Church’s teaching at face value. As we mature, we hopefully want to learn more about the beauty of Catholicism.

Ongoing study of our Catholic faith helps us become informed and able to confidently converse with others, something many of us don’t often feel qualified to do. Study helps us become familiar with Scripture, history, theology and philosophy. We grow to understand our Catholic roots, and our culture comes alive.

We will be challenged, but the process will also strengthen us. By studying just a little every day, we will be amazed at the wonders God places before us!