Thank You for Your Support of the Seminarian Collection

Thank You for Your Support of the Seminarian Collection

Over the past seventeen years, the Seminarian Collection has supported 38 men in their formation to the priesthood.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support that helped make this collection a success!

Our diocese has been blessed by a generous anonymous gift to the One by One Campaign.  This gift will cover the costs of our seminarians’ tuition, room and board, as well as the Kairos formation house for the next five years.  As a result of this generosity, the Seminarian Collection has been paused. 

Please continue to pray for our seminarians and for an increase in vocations.  If you know a man that would make a great priest, please tell him and ask him to be open to God’s call.   To learn more about how we are supporting ministries that are raising vocations, please visit