4th Grade

4th Grade

Welcome to fourth grade! This is a time of tremendous independent growth as well as social and emotional growth. Our fourth-grade curriculum is faith-centered, where religion is integrated throughout all areas of learning not just religion. 


Reading/Writing: We focus on developing reading skills, proficient writing and grammatical skills as well as developing and extending student vocabulary skills.   Through writer’s workshop, we encourage independent reading and writing skills.

Math: We focus on multiplication, division and fractions.  We currently work with the Math Expressions Curriculum, which is designed to offer students various methods of learning mathematical concepts.

Science: Our curriculum presents students with an opportunity to explore animal habitats, species and kingdoms.

Social Studies: We explore Wisconsin History and the Geography of the United States.  We also explore Native American culture and the exploration of the developing and evolving America.

Religion: We focus on a deeper understanding of the Ten Commandments, the Liturgical church year and participating in Reconciliation.  We also develop a closer, personal relationship with the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit.


  • Van Handel Dairy Farm
  • Madison’s State Capitol
  • Holy Hill
  • Grignon Mansion