2nd Grade

2nd Grade

Hello from second grade! The second-grade year is one filled with many accomplishments spiritually, morally, and academically at St. John School. The combination of these three components strengthens their individual religious foundation. Our faith and religion are infused into each subject. This allows us to find the beauty and goodness in all subject matter.

What is new for the second graders at St. John? We work with numbers in the thousands place. We add and subtract numbers and learn how to regroup. We are more independent workers. We have an assignment book we use each day. We read chapter books and write complex stories. We become more responsible and work to be virtuous citizens of Christ. Second graders attend physical education, art, computers, library, and Spanish classes each week. But most of all we receive the wonderful gift of grace through the sacraments for the first time.



  • Strong phonic skills
  • Spelling program with words that use the phonics rules.
  • Develop reading skills like developing inferences and comprehension skills
  • Non-fiction text features: headlines, captions, bold and italics


  • Adding & Subtracting to three digits, with and without regrouping
  • Place value and number sense to 1,000
  • Telling time to five minutes
  • Money identification and word problems
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Measurement
  • Simple fractions
  • Geometry


  • Throughout the science units we lay the foundation that we are here because of God and His willingness to give us life through by His creation.
  • Matter and its interactions
  • Plants, animals, and life cycles
  • Our changing Earth

Social Studies:

  • What is a community? (community and home)
  • Where is my community and what is it like there? (geography)
  • How do citizens live and work together in a community? (government)
  • How do communities change? (history)
  • How can we as a citizen affect a community? (history, being a good citizen)
  • Goods, services, needs and wants (economics)


  • Sacramental Preparation for Reconciliation and First Eucharist
  • Parts of the Mass
  • Catholic Social teachings
  • Become the best versions of ourselves
  • Enhance prayer life and focus on character


  • Field Trip to the Little Chute Windmill