3rd Grade

3rd Grade

Our goal is to help our third graders grow socially, academically, and spiritually as they get ready for 4th grade, 5th grade, and beyond.  Students take on more responsibility for their organization and continually work on how to collaborate effectively with a team and partners for cooperative learning.


In first grade, our focus is to build skills both socially and academically throughout all subject areas.

Reading: Our comprehensive literacy block includes learning in centers, guided reading, and interactive read alouds. It allows students to explore and grow in listening, speaking, reading independently and with others, writing and exploring word patterns and vocabulary.

Writing: Our writing workshop program allows students to explore different ways to organize and elaborate on their thinking while exploring different genres of writing.  Cursive is continually taught throughout the year until we are fully writing in it by the end of the year.

Math: Students work diligently on learning and solidifying their multiplication and division facts, as well as improving our number sense, solving real-world problems, geometry, measurement, telling time and graphs.

Science/Social Studies: Science and Social Studies are a time to explore current issues and the world around us, including the Midwest culture and history, mapping skills, simple machines, plants and animals and more.

Religion: Religion is alive in all parts of our day, but during our set class time we spend the time in meaningful formal and self-lead prayer, the church and its history and how to be disciples of Christ.


Third grades’ special activities and field trips make our year very exciting!

  • Grandparent’s Day in November
  • Ledgeview Caves (The trip most third graders look forward to the most)
  • Milwaukee Discovery building (with our 6th grade buddies)