1st Grade

1st Grade

In first grade, our focus is to build skills both socially and academically throughout all subject areas as well as independence especially with reading and mathematics.


Reading: Our guided reading instruction and literacy center allows students to explore and practice writing, manipulate sound and spelling patterns, develop vocabulary and learn various reading strategies needed to become fluent, independent readers.

Writing: Our Writer’s Workshop program supports and develops communication skills, stamina, spelling and fine motor skills through handwriting.

Math: We work on developing and enhancing fundamental skills in addition and subtraction facts, number sense, patterning and problem-solving.

Science: Students learn through hands-on activities about living organisms, the weather, states of matter and force/motion.

Social Studies: Activities in Social Studies (and Science) focus on making connections through knowledge, strategies, skills and vocabulary.

Religion: We learn about the sacraments and what the church believes, celebrates, lives and prays.

The first grade classroom has a book nook with books to read in school and books they can bring home as well as access to Epic Books! online. There is also a prayer corner to allow the students to take a break and talk to God about their feelings.


First graders have the opportunity to host special event days focused on Language and Creative Arts for the special people in their lives on:

  • Grandparent’s Day in November
  • Donuts for Dad in February
  • Mother’s Day Tea in May