January Explanation Station from Adult Faith Formation Committee

January Explanation Station from Adult Faith Formation Committee


If God knows everything, why can’t we just tell him we’re sorry when we do something wrong?  There is a big difference between God “knowing” what we did and his ACT of forgiveness.

For true reconciliation to take place, God wants us to actually say the words, that we are truly sorry, and then to hear the words, spoken by the priest, that we are forgiven. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave his divine power of forgiveness to his first priests, the apostles. They, in turn, passed that power to others throughout the centuries.

Therefore,  when a priest says, “I absolve you of your sins,” we must hear Jesus Himself, as the human face of God, saying those same words to us. We, as Catholics, are blessed to have this powerful sacrament in our lives.